Isenberg Career Day 2014

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Career Fair Date:
September 23, 2014 (11:00AM - 4:00PM)
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UMass Amherst Campus Center Auditorium

Isenberg Career Day is a great opportunity to meet with representatives of numerous hiring companies on September 23, 2014 from 11am-4pm in the Campus Center Auditorium.

There is no need to register, but you are strongly encouraged to attend.

Full Description:
You can learn about career opportunities, leave your resume with corporate contacts and build your network for future reference.

A list indicating registered companies, the majors they tend to recruit and whether they sponsor co-op/internship opportunities, is available on this site and will be updated as new employers register.


1. GO. The investment of a small amount of time can yield a big boost to your career. You do not need to register or sign up, just show up!

2. DRESS APPROPRIATELY. Not only will you will look and feel more professional if you dress appropriately in business attire but you will make a better impression.

No: jeans, sneakers, open toe shoes, white athletic socks, plunging necklines or baseball hats.

For men: tie and dress shirt; jacket or even suit is not going too far.

For women: suit, or blouse and skirt/dress pants.

3. SPEAK: Speak with the corporate representatives. Your resume will not be considered if you just drop it off.

4. BUSINESS CARD: Ask for a business card. (Sometimes you may not get one. Still, nothing is lost by asking.)

6. Follow Up: After the fair, follow up with each firm of interest to you.

Contact Information

Contact the Chase Career Center directly to get more details about this career fair.

There is no need to register, but you are strongly encouraged to attend.